Student Co-op Program

For those high school students who may be looking toward an Automotive Services Career Path, Porter Auto Group offers a "Work-based Learning Program." 


In return for the student's time spent outside the classroom, Porter Automotive offers Hands-on Training and On-the-job Experience so they can confidently explore a career in Automotive Technical Services.   


Rather than pay the substantial tuition costs of a Vocational School, students 16 years-of-age or older can acquire Technical Certifications through course study and actual work experience while being compensated at a competitive hourly rate. 


Please see an example of the Course Curriculum as outlined below:

PORTER AUTOMOTIVE “Work-based Learning Program”


Nissan Training (comparable training available in other manufacturer brands as well)


Starting Rate: $13.00/Hour (with opportunities for increases) 





45 min.   1) Nissan 5S Cycle of Efficiency


30 min.   2) Increasing Loyalty with Genuine Nissan Parts


30 min.   3) Nissan Express Service Technician


30 min.   4) Value of Express Service


150 min. 5) Dealing with Confidential Information


30 min.   6) Nissan Variable Compression Turbo Engine


30 min.   7) Power of Social Media


30 min.   8) NCW (Nissan Customer Way) Front-line E-learning


30 min.   9) NCW Introductory E-learning


30 min.   10) Nissan Global Brand E-learning


30 min.   11) Nissan Sales and Service Way Tech E-learning


45 min.   12) Tech Line Case Creation


30 min.   13) Vehicle Repair Process


30 min.   14) 2018 Intro to EV Safety and Overview


30 min.   15) Introduction to Shop Safety


45 min.   16) Introduction to Fluids and Lubricants


30 min.   17) SIR (Service Information Resource) Updates to Battery Testing Procedures


30 min.   18) SIR Tire Pressure Monitor System


30 min.   19) Monitoring Exceptional Vehicle Delivery


30 min.   20) Vehicle Cleanliness


30 min.   21) Service Quality


30 min.   22) Bluetooth Device Pairing


30 min.   23) Introduction to Tire, Wheel Alignment and Brake Concerns




14+ Hours of Manufacturer Training and Nissan Express Technician Certification


1,250 +/- Hours of Hands-on In-shop Work Experience and Training





30 min.   1) Tech Orientation 2016-2017 LH Engine Mount Inspection


30 min.   2) CVT Operation, Diagnosis and Repair


30 min.   3) SIR Nis/Inf. Vol. 138 Pre-delivery Inspection Overview


30 min.   4) SIR Nis/Inf. Vol. 139 Diagnosing Electrical Systems


30 min.   5) SIR Nis/Inf. Vol. 148 Improving F1 Scores


30 min.   6) SIR Nis/Inf. Vol. 155 Regular Service & Maintenance


30 min.   7) SIR Nis/Inf. Vol. 161 Warranty Claims & the Work Order


30 min.   8) SIR Nis/Inf. Vol. 162 Consult - III Plus


30 min.   9) Servicing Run-flat & Low Tires


60 min.   10) Signal Tech II Operational Perspective


150 min. 11) Basic Vehicle Technologies Part 1


150 min. 12) Basic Vehicle Technologies Part 2


30 min.   13) Warranty Claims & the Work Order


30 min.   14) Nissan Service Comebacks


30 min.   15) Fundamentals of Recalls and Service Campaigns


30 min.   16) SIR Servicing Brake Systems


30 min.   17) Introduction to Measuring Devices


30 min.   18) Four-step Repair Process



13+ Hours of Manufacturer Training and Nissan Express Level-2 Technician Certification


1,250 +/- Hours of Hands-on, In-shop Work Experience and Training




All totaled, each Student will be required to complete 27+ hours of online classroom training and accomplish 2,500 +/- hours of hands-on, work-related training.


Upon completing the 2-year Program the Student will be offered a full-time position in one of our Porter Auto Group Service Departments.

Upon Graduation, the Student will be able to perform the following services:


Change Oil and Filters

Rotate, Balance and Replace Tires

Flush all Vehicle Fluids

Replace Brakes and Rotors

Resurface Rotors

Program TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

Perform 4-wheel Alignments

Scan Vehicles for Diagnostic Codes

Replace all Filters

Replace Batteries

Assist in various Major Repairs and Diagnostic Work

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- Administrative Personnel

- Automotive Technicians

- Cashiers 

- Collision Repair Estimators

- Collision Repair Technicians

- Customer Service Associates

- Express Technicians

- Finance Managers

- Lot Associates

- Parts Counter Associates

- Sales Associates

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